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Organizations We Support:

In Varga Web Solutions we care deeply about our planet.
Our ideal is that business will support more beneficial programs to achieve balance.
At the moment we support these organizations:

EcoProfit: a cooperative approach between the regional authority and local companies with the goal of reducing cost for waste, raw materials, water, and energy.

United Kingdom
ClientEarth:  non-profit organization of activist lawyers committed to securing a healthy planet.

Environmental Protection Agency: EPA ensures that Ireland's environment is protected, and they monitor changes in environmental trends to detect early warning signs of neglect or deterioration.

Norwegian Church Aid: Norwegian Church Aid works with people and organisations around the world in their struggle to eradicate poverty and injustice.
Naturvernforbund: Norges Naturvernforbund (Friends of the Earth Norway) is Norway's oldest environmental and nature protection organisation, working to solve environmental issues both local and global.

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 Full-scale web services for success of small and medium businesses


All our work is build on three principles: 1.Full-scale solutions, 2.Responsibility, 3.Long term cooperation. We believe that this way we can support success of our customers and be the company that supports right things.

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