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Learn how we can support your business success with our web design and development services!

 website design and development - Varga Web Solutions  "Great website = the engine of your business!"

What website is great one?

Great website can do important things for your business:

       attract visitors,
       convert visitors into customers,
       build your brand.

These are essential things, right? But what kind of website can do this?
Well, only the website where developers and marketing experts were working together.
So just to have nice website is not enough - it is just a start of many problems.

What is our approach?

Our approach is to get together developers and marketings experts - and prepare web for you that works the best!

  • initial analyses: from comptetion to keywords and SEO, all needs to be mapped,
  • web design: created to support your brand,
  • web development: precise, so your web runs an all mobiles, devices, browsers,
  • SEO: targeted SEO elements and long term SEO plan, so you get the best position on search results,
  • marketing: initial marketing campaign, to get visitors while there are no from search,
  • and many more, basen on the web goals.

What are the prices?

Our goal is to support sole traders and small businesses. We always try to make our servise affordable.
We provide our web wervices starting just from 950 EUR!

Next step

Let your business benefits from your great web!
Simply contact us now so we can prepare best suited web for you!


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 Full-scale web services for success of small and medium businesses


All our work is build on three principles: 1.Full-scale solutions, 2.Responsibility, 3.Long term cooperation. We believe that this way we can support success of our customers and be the company that supports right things.

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