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Online Reputation Management Services

People like to talk about their experiences. They also like to share their experiences on various forums or blogs.
And they talk about your company or services as well.
In Varga Web Solutions we try to make this work for your enterprise!

 Online reputation management "Have your online reputation protected!"

Our online reputation management services:

Negative experiences

You surely had simillar experience: You were looking for some company on Google.
And first page that Google offered you was a forum. Customer here was complaining about negative experience he had with this company.

Even with best effort customers sometimes have negative experience with our company and they will share it.
But what happens next is most important! Only in few cases there is a reply on the forum from the company and good will to handle this situation.
And this is extremly important!

With our help you will know about this soon enough.
We will help you to handle this correctly, so also other customers could see your professionalism!

Possitive feedbacks, suggestions

From other feedbacks you can learn what you are doing well.
Or what you are missing against you competition.
You can work with these ideas to make your customers more satisfied and to attract new ones!

All the replies you leave on forums are great sign of professionalism and customer oriented approach.
These replies can serve to promote your website as well.
These factors make online reputation management really powerfull service for your business!

We do check the internet twice a week for you.
We will check your business name with all related customer experiences.
You will know about:

  • Negative feedbacks
  • Possitive feedbacks, suggestions, expectations,
  • How customers perceive your enterprise against competition,
  • Based on agreement we can handle all possitive and negative feedbacks on your behalf

What are the prices?

In Varga Web Solutions we want to make this service affordable also for sole traders and small enterprises.
You can have your online reputation protected starting from 200 Eur/month.

Next step

Be professional and have your reputation secured with our service.
Simply contact us and we make you an offer!

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