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Our Google Analytics Services:

We are proud to be a holder of Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification! See details here.
Deep knowledge is required to pass an exam and receive certification.
We offer these services:

1. Complex Google Analytics account creation,

2. Google Analytics for ecommerce - set up, management, reports and recommendations,

3. Google Analytics and Google AdMob for applications - set up, management, reports and recommendations,

4. Audit of your current Google Analytics account and set up.


Google Analytics is one of the best tools to know your online customer. You can use it for eshop, ecommerce webs, aplications, but also for any kind of the web. We always strive for professional, detailed Google Analytics set up and management to ensure:

Web analytics:

  •  know exactly who are your customers (customer segments),
  •  know exactly how different customers behave on the web (where to target attention),
  •  know exactly weak spots of the web (to improve, get better conversions),
  •  know exactly how effective marketing campaigns are (campaign tracking),
  •  and many more!

Ecommerce analytics:

  •  know exactly stages of shopping funnel where you loose money,
  •  improve shopping funnel stages and test new variants,
  •  and many, many more!

Application analytics:

  •  know exactly how users work with your application,
  •  know exactly segments of your app users,
  •  find new users for your app,
  •  keep current users more engaged,
  •  and many more!

What is the price?

We always try to provide services that are mostly efficient,
but still affordable for small and medium enterprises.
You can have our Google Analytics services starting from 200 Eur/month!

Next steps:

All of this makes our Google Analytics service a great opportunity for your business!
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