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I`m considering to have website for my new business. What all is needed?

Technically these items are basics:

  • web design & development - someone needs to "create" your page. The look of a page and its functionalities.
  • web content -  articles about your company, services, contacts, etc. You can include fotos, forms and many more.
  • web domain - you need to register "name" of your web. For example www.vargaweb.at is our domain. We have it registered and no one else can have a web site on this domain, link.
  • web hosting - you need to have some provider, that "makes your web site online" and people can visit it.

    Sounds complicated? Don`t worry - complex web developer must be able to manage all this items for you.
    And not only this. It is important that developer manages all this item suited exactly for you and your enterprise. To get highest effect for you.


I run small enterprise. I`m considering to have web site with small eshop, where I can sell my products. How can I attract customers on internet with even new web site?

Right, new website have harder position on internet against already established competition.
But don`t worry, internet is huge market. And "science of web marketing" had come huge path to help enterprises to succeed. So what is important?

  • at first and most essential - your web must be created 100 % effective (see previous question). Many items are important here, such as: logical web structure, unique selling proposition in articles, key words and many more.
  • web marketing - now you can focus on marketing campaign to attrack visitors. Effective web will ensure, that visitors of you page becomes also customers. Campaign for small enterprises don´t need to be expensive at all.

    We can see, that to have good web is more science, than is seems. But again, you don´t need to worry about it. Complex web companies such as Varga Web Solutions will do it for you. We will prepare the plan, consult neccessary steps and do the marketing campaign.


What are the prices for web design and online marketing services?

This is another important question. You can spent easily pretty much money for simple website - no hosting, domain, search engines optimalization or marketing included. I´m sure you will get really nice website, but there is lot of work and expenses still ahead.

Therefore even for simple website it is important to pick right web developer. Developer that gives you really what you need for good price. It saves you time, effort and money. That is why we provide 3 main web services suited for sole traders and small enterprises:

  • Web design & Development packet - we create your web + do anything needed (hosting, domain, optimalization)
  • Web marketing packet - same services as in previous packet + online marketing
  • Profi web packet - services from 2 previous packets + you get also 2 another language variations of your web.


I would like to have new website for my business. I´m just not sure what to put there.

Creating content and articles for website is very important. Not only you tell about your enterprise, content creates keywords for searchers. Content also creates your brand, your unique strenghts against competition. Why should customer buy your product and not from next website?

We will advise you what content to put on your web. We help you write your articles to get best results.


I´m considering ordering website. But do I have any guarantee for my website?

In Varga Web solutions we gladly follow 2 year warranty. Plus we give you another half year. That is 2,5 year warranty for you. If any errors appears on our websites, we will repair them for you for free or give money back!

I just need to be sure I will receive proper invoice. Is it correct?

In Varga Web solutions we always try to follow all legal requirements!

What are the payment conditions? I just don´t wan to pay for something I might not like.

We understand this question and totally agree! Cooperation between two partners is supposed to be as open and clear as possible!
In Varga Web Solutions we always put results before payment!

For example; you order web site for your business.
1. We will prepare complete web design (look) proposal,
2. We will discuss proposal with you,
3. Update or rework our proposal according to your suggestions,
4. Once you are completely satisfied with proposal - we ask you for payment!
5. We will develop the web site, do everything needed. We will dicsuss also timelines.

This applies for all our services - our concrete proposal goes always first before your payment!
This way you always know what you are paying for!

I´m interested in your services. I want to be sure about conditions, can we use contract with specific details?

Of course! We completely understand and support this requirement.
We can prepare contract and agree with you on details.
Or you can propose your own contract and we can discuss it and agree.

In Varga Web Solutions we always strive for honest and fair approach. 

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