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 "All for online success,

in one place."

How we can help you:

It is important for us to provide full-scale web services. This way you can save time, effort and money.
On the other hand it helps us to bring the best effect for you.

Web Design and Development: Have a web created by developers and marketing experts. Huge benefits for you!

Online Marketing: Have online ads fully targeted on your customers. Right ads = right customers!

Web Audit and Analytics: Have your web 100 % effective. More effective = more customers!

Graphic Services: Unique and clever graphic - strenghts of the brand!

Web Translations: Professional language translations - neccesity today!

Online Media Monitoring: Have your online reputation monitored and protected!

Why Varga Web Solutions?

We always strive for professional but friendly human approach. We do realize that cooperation and trust is the core in business.
Communicating, explaining things, not just to execute - this is important for us. This way you can focus on your work, but still have clear view of ours.

Your success and long term partnerships = our ultimate goal.


About Us

 Full-scale web services for success of small and medium businesses


All our work is build on three principles: 1.Full-scale solutions, 2.Responsibility, 3.Long term cooperation. We believe that this way we can support success of our customers and be the company that supports right things.

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