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Tip 5 - Brand

Can we use the website to support or even build our brand?
Of course! Website is perfect place to build the brand for sole traders and small businesses.

How to?

Check your website in these areas:

1. Overall look
You can see that websites of many successfull companies are not complicated (graphically) at all.
They use only a few colours and elements. But all these are connected to their brand.
 - do you use your brand colours on your web?
 - is overall look of your website supporting your brand?
 - be aware that too many website elements diminish brand recognition.

2. Your company
To support your brand use these 2 tips:
 - company logo with smart company description on all pages (can be in the footer section).
 - short sentence or slogan explaining purpose of the web on all pages (can be in header section).

All this helps visitor to better perceive the web and your company.
This way visitor can more easily remember your brand and the web!

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