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Tip 4 - Articles

In previous tips we learned how to have website, that customer will like and where he can easily orient.
But the soul, real strenght of a website is in articles and words!
Great articles can hold even simple website. But wrong articles can sink even best looking web.

How to?
See if your articles fulfil these areas:

1. Customer oriented 
We are again back at alfa and omega of a website - everything here is for visitor, customer.
It hapens too often that even customer is willing to order service, he is overwhelmed by tons of unnecessary information that website provides.
Every sentence counts! Check your web:
 - do you have only articles that have real value for customer?
 - do you provide all necessary information (e.g; guarantee, payment conditions, contacts..)

2. Key words
Key words are words used in articles and found by search engines such as Google. For example for this web page key words are: website artcles.
The magic is to use key words wisely - so search engines can easily find your web. But in same time it don´t distract visitor.
Check your web:
 - have you used key word in your articles as much as possible but stil convenient for visitor?

3. Alignment
Visual form of an articles is also important.
Best practise is to keep shorter passages of text. If you have longer articles try to use pictures, subtitles or numbering.
Check your web:
 - are your articles appealing and easy to follow?

Perfectly written articles are real strenght of the web and competitive advantage.
These articles help to visitor become customer and make your web easy to find for search engines.

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