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Tip 3 - Navigation

Web site navigation or web site menu.
Do you think it is important? Not only important, crucial!
For sole traders and small companies we always strive for web site effectiveness. And navigation is an important part.

How to check if navigation is effective?
First of all, as all parts of web site, even navigation is here for visitor or customer in first place.
Visitor comes on your web site to find something. Looking at navigation or menu, it must be clear to him, where exactly to go.

How to?

Check your web site if your navigation is user friendly or user unfriendly:

1. User Friendly Navigation
Less is more - navigation or menu that has only crucial items.
The more items you have on your menu, the more confusing it is for visitor to find what he wants.

Importance - what items are crucial to have, to display?
These are the ones that supports your web site goal. Example for service provider: Home/Services/FAQ/About Us/References/Contact
As you can see, these all pars are supportive for the goal - sell the service.

Order - the most important first!
Sometimes we don´t realize that for customer Services menu item is more important than About us.
Therefore Services goes always first(after Home). This way it is more visible.

2. User Unfriendly Navigation
We can say that opposite from already mentioned makes navigation unfriendly.
Too much menu items with random order and small importance for visitor.
This navigation confuses visitor. In many cases visitor just leaves the web site.

We can see that navigation or web site menu is important part of a web.
Great web site menu or navigation clearly assists visitor. So visitor can become customer.


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