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TIP 2 - Design

From previous Tip we learned that we always build web site for certain goal. And for the visitors.
The same applies for selected design of web page. Web design needs to support our goal.

Web design has many parts.
In this Tip we focus on more technical parts. These applies for most of the web sites of sole traders and small companies.

How to?
Check your web in these 4 areas:

1. Web Browsers
Simple question - can you open your web with ANY browser?
Your customers really use many browsers. They use also mobiles, tablets, Apple Macs...
Ultimate goal in this area is clear - great web site needs to run on all devices and browsers!
If not, you are loosing visitors and clients.

2. Mobiles
Great web site looks (and works) great even on mobiles and other devices.
This is big chalenge for web developer to achieve, but great competitive advantage for your web once done!
How your web site looks and works on mobile devices?

3. Too big?
How much time it takes to open your web site? Few moments? Or few more moments?
Time is important. If site is loading for too long, it discourages visitors.
There are many reasons, such as; big pictures, animations, hosting provider...

4. Too complicated?
Sometimes we would like to have nice animations or effects on our web. You would think animations look nice and make web special.
Well, it does. On the other hand it causes problems with: software, loading time, updates, SEO and much more.
Do you use any animations on your web? Are they benefit or a thread to your web success?

Fullfilling these areas we make our web site really user friendly.
This means visitors can use your web without obstacles - and this is BIG competitive advantage in todays environment!

Always try to find web development company, that can help you in these areas!


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