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TIP 1 - 4 simple questions before creating your web site

You wouldn´t start to build your house without house plan.
You wouldn´t start to run your enterprise without business plan.
So why so many web sites are created without initial analyses and plan?

Web without initial analyses and plan can work as well. But much less effective.
This means less visitors and customers for you.

How to?
There are questions you need to answer before creating web. Such as:

1. What is the purpose of the web?
To sell products? To attract visitors? To create brand awarness?

2. Who are my customers? Who are the visiors I want to attract?
Are they young people? Experts in area of my company? Purchasing department of other company?

3. What exactly are my customers looking for on the internet?
Can I create the web to provide them exactly what they are looking for?

4. And of course - who is my competition? What competition web sites are there? What are their strenghts?
What special offer I need to prepare to distinguish from competition?

Even these few questions give you great start to create your web.
Or to give web development company exact requirements.
As a result you would have web site that customers like and use!

Great web development company is supposed to help you with all of this!

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