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About Varga Web Solutions:

Varga Web Solutions is a small company fully devoted to support success of small and medium businesses.
Sole traders and small businesses have harder position on the market. In most cases they need to have specialist in various areas in one person, where big companies have whole departments.

Therefore our ultimate goal is to be reliable partner in area of web services.
This way both partners can work more effectively. We believe that final result will be more time for family and personal life.

Our team consist of web developers, marketing experts, graphic experts and project managers. Online market is in constant move and we are also still learning for our clients.
At the moment we are based in Bratislava "Twin City" of Vienna.

Our Principles:

    Complex solutions            Responsible             Long term cooperation

We provide to our clients all that is needed for their online success. Get all needed in one company, in one suited packet, for one price.

This we call complex solution, that saves time, effort and money of our clients.

  We believe that live and business is not only about receiving. But also about giving. About supporting projects, organizations, enterprises that tries to make this world better place.

We try to make our services even more affordable for beneficial projects.
  The best support in business are reliable partners. Partners that you can trust not only for this project, but also for project in 5 years.

We try to evolve with you and always bring to you enterprise the best.


About Us

 Full-scale web services for success of small and medium businesses


All our work is build on three principles: 1.Full-scale solutions, 2.Responsibility, 3.Long term cooperation. We believe that this way we can support success of our customers and be the company that supports right things.

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